Prepaid Funeral Plans

Choose the right kind of hearse for the funeral 

Whether you are looking for a modern motorised hearse or a traditional horse-drawn hearse, get in touch with P J Browns Belfast Ltd. 

Cremation of your loved one for complete closure

We can help you with a compassionate yet professionally organised burial or cremation that will honour the memory of the deceased. Pay your last tribute to your loved one and make sure you and the rest of your family have a complete sense of closure. Whether you would like a simple or elaborate service, we can arrange every detail for you. Get in touch with the undertakers from P J Browns Belfast Ltd if you are looking to organise a dignified and sensitive funeral for your loved one. 

Wooden coffin

What is included? 

• Coffins
• Church service
• Funeral transportation
• Burial plots
• Hearses
• Cremation
• Memorials
• Type of funeral service
• Mourning dress
• Payment plan

Planned funerals

Meticulously planned funerals

At P J Browns Belfast Ltd, we make sure that you and your family are spared the burden of organising a funeral whilst dealing with the loss of a loved one. Our funeral directors will organise a dignified and meticulously planned funeral ceremony, customised to your wishes and requirements.  
Do you need help organising a cremation at the funeral? Contact P J Browns Belfast Ltd on
028 9035 1955,
07815 747 449
or 028 9024 3549

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